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A website that reflects the latest content is essential to building stickiness with the customer.

Keeping a website updated with latest news, content and information relevant to the brand is essential. A regularly updated website shows that the brand is responsive and concerned about the information and messages it puts out to the customer. 

The latest information ensures that the customer's experience is good and increases return visits. Ultimately it will lead to better consumption of content and improved sales on your website.
The second part of website maintenance includes technical fixes. These fixes allow you to stay up to date with changes in technology and repair any broken pages and links.

Grofox is a website maintenance company that will help ensure that your website reflects the latest information and that it is technically sound. Outsource Website Maintenance Services to us today!

Attract the Right Crowd

An up to date website attracts more potential customers to your business.

Maintain Customer Interest

New and updated content helps maintain the interest of the customer with the brand.

Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

Updated content contributes positively towards your marketing strategy.

Better Ranking in Search Engines

Search engines prefer to rank more relevant, up to date content higher.

Increased Website Traffic

Up to date content leads to maintained customer interest, which leads to an increase in website traffic.

Website management services that Grofox offers

  • Content Creation
    The last time you updated a webpage plays an important role in your website’s search engine ranking. The older the content, the worse it is for your ranking. This will lead to a drop in website traffic. Grofox is a website management company that will help manage this.

  • Technical Maintenance
    It is important to redirect old URLs to updated ones and fix any broken URLs on your website. There are two disadvantages of not doing so. The first one is that users do not reach the relevant information. The second one is the negative effect it has on your website’s search engine rankings. Grofox’s website maintenance services helps you fix this.


Outsource Website Maintenance Services to Grofox


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