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A video goes a long way in positioning your brand as well as providing detailed info about your products.

Statistics show that 68% of the audience would prefer to watch an explanatory video over reading explanatory text about a product. Facebook users watch 8 billion videos in a day and Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos in a day.

A video ad or demo can assure you of enhanced brand awareness and affinity.

Grofox is a video content agency which provides highly creative and engaging videos which cover:

  • brand ads,
  • product walk-throughs,
  • info series,
  • launch AVs and
  • any other requirements.

Our team is experienced with analyzing previous data of online videos for more efficient video creation. Outsource Video Content Marketing Strategy to us today!

Improve Brand Awareness

Help position you brand as well as explain your product in greater detail.

Improve Social Media Interactions

Sharing videos on social media enhances engagements and shares.

Build Trust on Brand

Potential customers tend to trust a brand more if they see a product visually.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Embedded videos help your page rank higher on search engines.

Create a Connection With Your Target Audience

Content in a video is better understood by the customer. This leads to a greater connection between the brand and customer.

Improve Sales

A visual of the product increases the chances of a successful sale.

As video content providers, Grofox offers you the following types of video content creation:

  • Brand Positioning Ads
    Video content can be used to create brand awareness, and position your brand in the desired market segment. Videos also increase the chances of audience engagement. This is why, video content creation lead to more effective brand position ads. Learn more about our brand positioning strategies.

  • Product Walk Through
    68% of the audience prefers video explanations over text explanations about a product. Hence, improve the chances of a conversion with a video product walk through.

  • Info Series/Educational Videos
    Info series or educational videos tell your viewer about a topic related to your brand. Get the upper hand by choosing a topic that is trending and/or something your user will be interested in. This will allow your brand to gain an authority within your market segment.

  • Testimonials
    Testimonials is a type of video content that can be created by the brand itself or external parties reviewing the brand or its product. It is used to help increase the trust in the brand or product in the eyes of the user.

  • Influencer Videos
    Some brands send out free samples of their products to influencers within the same market segment. As a result, these influencers try the products and post a video of the product. This method helps build trust in the brand.

    Create video content within your budget with Grofox. Also, learn about the video marketing services Grofox has to offer.


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