On Page SEO Fundamentals, Tips, Tricks and SEO Checklist 2020

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SEO by definition is a simple term that involves designing your website to improve its ranking in organic search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). The major key concepts in SEO are simple and straightforward that are relevance, discoverability, and crawlability.

 Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to optimizing a website; a lot has been changed in the world of search engine optimization whereas the basic certain fundamentals SEO principles remain unchanged. The technical details and environment may have changed, but search marketing is still just marketing. Get your website out there; communicate with the online world and your users.

On-Page SEO

No matter how many longer contents you post, how many links you develop, no matter how much off-site content you publish, you are dead in the water without solid on-page optimization.

On-Site Optimization- Basic

On-site SEO is also known as on-page SEO. It is the practice of optimizing elements on a website. On-site SEO refers to optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a page in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. 

On-Page or On-Site SEO Factors

On-Site SEO ranking factors can have a big impact on your page’s ability to rank if optimized properly. The biggest on-page factors that affect search engine rankings are Content of the page, Meta Tags, URL Structure, Optimized Image and Link back to relevant category/sub-category or Home Page.

SEO Page Structure: An ideal optimized web page should do all of the following:

-Provide unique content

-Great user experience

-Provide a web page with other site links

-A good hierarchy

-URL structure that follows your navigation hierarchy

-A comprehensive internal linking structure

-The better your on-site structure is, the better are your chance of ranking higher in the search engines.

How to Improve On-Page SEO: The ultimate goal of on-site SEO can be thought of as attempting to make it as easy as possible for both search engines and importantly for your users.

On-page Optimization Checklist 2020

  • Make your on-page SEO strong
  • Optimize your keywords, use long-tail and LSI keywords
  • Submit sitemap (both XML and HTML)
  • Make Robots.txt descriptive
  • Easy navigation
  • Make your web page user-friendly for better user experience
  • Keep URL structure simple
  • Optimize images
  • Use keywords in Header Tags
  • Keep a check on Page speed
  • Use Schema.org Markups
  • Avoid Flash
  • Don’t forget Content is King! provide unique content and remove duplicate content
  • Make your webpage secure with SSL Certification
  • The best place to use your target keywords are Meta Tags
  • Do canonicalization and redirects (if required)
  • Interlink web pages with each other
  • Link category and Sub-category pages from Footer
  • Make your site mobile friendly/responsive

And the last very important factor is; “Think about your users”.

Keeping up on SEO best practices is a difficult job for business owners and leaders. In that case, you can think about hiring SEO Experts or you can outsource On-Page or On-site SEO services to a Digital Marketing Agency.

Why do you need to outsource SEO Services? Almost every search now begins online. Well, do you ever go further than the second or third page on Google’s result page? No? That’s your answer right there.

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