Future of SEO 2019-20 – Best Tips and Tricks for Voice, Video and Vernacular Search

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No one can predict the future, but when it comes to SEO, our experts can make pretty educated guesses with their knowledge and experience. In this post, our experts have kept up-to-date with emerging trends—and some have even jumped on them to see great results.

1. Preparing for Voice Search

The increasing affordability and availability of mobile phones have increased the popularity of voice-based search. People are also using it for conducting searches in mother languages.

Magic words like “OK Google”, “Alexa”, “Hey Siri” and OK Google, tell me where I can go to lunch today.”, ‘Hey Siri, is it going to rain today?” are the classic examples of the rising tide of voice search. We have seen increasing reliance on voice-based commands instead of just typing it out on any search engine. Apart from mobile phones most of the peoples have smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart homes devices which are designed to work together using voice commands.

Best Voice SEO Tips & Tricks

Here are a few golden rules pertaining to keywords that you must incorporate in your SEO strategy for Voice Search –

a. The landmarks around your business locations must be used.

b. Must include the terms “near me” in title tags, anchor text, meta tags, and internal links.

c. Use titles of local institutions which are of relevance to your business.

d. Do keyword research and make use of phrases that people are most likely to use for the neighborhood around them.

e. Make sure that your website has responsive web design.

2. Preparing for Video Search in 2019

We know that a search result on Google displays separate ‘Video’ tab so video SEO is as important as optimizing the website. We know the importance of Video SEO is different from regular SEO. If you have business videos and really want them to get the top rank then they need to be optimized besides your website.

Best Video SEO Tips & Tricks –

Here are a few video SEO tips and tricks to help you better optimize your videos –

a. Keyword research is needed and is essential because most of the views on your videos will come from YouTube suggesting videos to users.

b. Add transcripts to videos, it helps in reaching out to the audience and makes it easier for the search bots to crawl through it.

c. Fetching Thumbnails, Thumbnails can add a lot of impact on a number of SEO metrics including your CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

d. Thumbnails are the first thing which a user sees when the video search results are displayed. So, they need to be very compelling and beautiful.

3. Preparing for Vernacular SEO

Vernacular (Mother Language) SEO helps non-English speaking users find you through Google search. Thus proper vernacular SEO can not only increase your audience base but also help you climb the search ranks quickly.

Best Vernacular SEO Tips & Tricks –

Here are a few vernacular SEO tips and tricks to help you reach the top ranks –

a. It’s good to have an in-country domain name for each of your target markets you wish instead of using subdomains for your main website.

b. Don’t forget other big search engines too! Yes, Google is the biggest search engine in the world but it is not the leader in every region.

c. Creating in-country links is the best recourse in climbing the search ranks

Hope the above-mentioned SEO strategies will work great for the future aspect of Google algorithm Rankbrain. It is a ranking signal which makes use of voice, video, and vernacular to understand the search queries and sort the search results accordingly. So, let’s get prepare for upcoming and future updates of Google’s search algorithm.

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