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Create a communication strategy to help your brand create its own unique place in the market.

Brand positioning strategies help create a positive and credible perception about the brand. It is the means to build a unique perception in the customer's mind and differentiate your product.

Brand positioning begins from initially defining the brand, its current place in the market (in case it has been launched); along with what trajectory the management wants to take the brand. Simultaneously, the target audience along with the competitors of the brand must be defined.

With a razor sharp positioning you can give your brand a strong and meaningful voice. This will help it stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Our brand experts help determine the brand positioning strategy keeping in mind the audience and competition. This helps improve affinity and conversions for the business. Outsource your Brand Positioning Strategy to us today!

Differentiate Your Brand

The brand positioning strategy helps you analyze how to fill a gap in the market, hence setting you apart from your competitors.

Create a Unique Image

By filling an otherwise unfilled gap in the market, you are creating a unique place in the eye of the customer.

Helps Shape Your Marketing Strategy

With a brand positioning strategy in place, you will be able to more efficiently and effectively shape your marketing strategy.

Define Your Brand’s Market Segment    

By defining your brand positioning strategy, you will be able to more effectively define the market segment the brand belongs to.

Increase Sales

By focusing your brand positioning strategy, you will be able to attract more of the appropriate audience, hence increasing sales.

Types of Brand and Product Positioning Strategies

There are 4 types of brand positioning strategies – user, benefit, competitive, and price driven.

  • User
    A user brand positioning strategy works towards targeting a particular user persona or people within a particular market segment. For example, certain athletic brands use advertisements to target the audience of a particular sport.

  • Benefit
    A benefit brand positioning strategy works towards showing the target audience that your product offers better and improved benefits than your competitors. For example, let us consider a brand providing services. They can elaborate on employee qualifications as a benefit for its consumers.

  • Competitive
    A competitive brand positioning strategy comes into play when the market is very competitive – hence the name. In such a market, a company develops a brand by directly comparing it with its competitors. This can be observed in the brand positioning strategies of technology related products.

  • Price Driven
    In a price is driven brand positioning strategy, a company launches a product at a lower price than its competitors. With this, the brand automatically becomes most affordable in the market, hence attracting customers. This type of brand positioning strategy can be observed in online grocery apps.


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