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The first step to going online is choosing a domain name and hosting your website on a server. 

At the moment, there are many organizations offering website hosting to take your website online. Different organizations provide different services and charge accordingly. It is important to be able to access and compare the services offered for efficient reach and security at an appropriate cost.

Our team of experts helps you choose the best website hosting company to match your brand’s needs.
We also help you choose a domain name. This domain name is used for the organization’s website and email accounts, hence it must be chosen wisely. Our team of digital marketing experts can help you choose a domain name that will have an advantage over your competitors online. We carefully choose keywords that will give you an edge on search engine rankings and social media engagements.
Once a domain name is decided, it must be registered on a website hosting provider for your website to go live. Make this tedious process much easier simply by joining hands with us. Outsource Website Hosting Services to us today!

Improve Your Sales

An online website allows you to reach potential customers across various geographies.

Make your business look professional

A website and email specific to your organization gives a professional image to others.

Improve Your Online Security

A good hosting service provides a secure place for your website data.

Increase Brand Awareness

An online presence will allow you to reach potential customers who were otherwise unaware of your services.

Types of Website Hosting Services:

  • Shared Website Hosting
    Shared website hosting is a hosting server that is shared between multiple websites. This is the best web hosting for small business, as this is the cheapest of all of the options. But, the disadvantage is that the other websites on the same server as your website act as competition. This competition can only be conquered if your website’s traffic is more than the others’.

  • Reseller Website Hosting
    Reseller website hosting in an upgraded version of shared website hosting. This hosting not only gives you a server for your website, but also some perks along with it. Some of these perks include website templates, technical support, and a free SSL certificate for e-commerce websites. Different packages are available at different prices to specifically suit your business’ needs.

  • Cloud Based Website Hosting
    Cloud based website hosting is a comparatively new type of hosting technology. This allows individual servers to work together to form one large server. Hence, it is perfect for a business with a large digital presence and website traffic. This is because smaller servers may not be able to handle the increase in traffic, causing your website to crash.

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting
    Virtual private servers (VPS) are physically one sever. But, they act like multiple, separate servers. Each of these individual servers is available for your website to use. By opting for this hosting, you no longer have to share the server with other websites. Hence, this removes any competition caused by them. Also, this type of hosting is also ideal for those businesses who are planning to set up their own servers for hosting.


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