Advantages of Video Content Creation

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With time, the use of the internet and social media is on the rise. Keeping this in mind, many brands are starting to create a digital presence for the same. One way to increase a brand’s digital footprint and reach is by creating and sharing video content. This can then be shared on websites, social media platforms, video channels and blogs. In this article, we will explain what video content is, and the advantages of video content creation.

What is Video Content?

Before we jump into the benefits of video content creation, it is important to understand what video content is. Video content is a form of content which companies create to inform the user about the brand. There are various kinds of video content available –

  • Product walk through
  • Customer reviews
  • Information regarding the brand/industry.


Advantages of Video Content Creation

1. Increase conversions

Creating a product walk through is a part of a video content marketing strategy. These videos help explain the product to the consumer. With a better understanding of the product, there is an improved chance that there will be an increase in conversions.

Also, a brand can create videos which showcase customer reviews and information regarding the brand or the industry that it is a part of. This shows the customer that the brand is knowledgeable about the market, and that other customers trust the brand. This helps the customer trust the brand more easily, which leads to an improved chance of a conversion.

2. Improve your ROI

Statistics show that 68% of users would prefer to watch an explanatory video over an explanatory text. On average, Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos in a day, and Facebook users watch 8 billion videos in a day.

Videos can be embedded on the brand’s website as well as social media pages. There are different types of PPC marketing campaigns that can run on both platforms. Also, from the above statistics, it can be seen that there is an increased chance that a video will be viewed. This, in return, leads to an improvement in your campaign’s ROI.

3. Build trust in the brand

The main aim of any form of content creation is to grab the attention of the user. When the user is able to gain knowledge from your brand’s content, the brand starts to gain authority. This authority within the market segment helps build trust in the brand.

As mentioned above, video content gets more views than text. More views mean more people will actually absorb the content you create. This, in return, helps in building trust in the brand.


4. Improve your website’s search engine ranking

Every company is starting to create a digital presence for their brand. One of the ways they create a digital presence is by creating a website. Now, with so much competition out there, it is important for a website to stand out.

For this reason, brands take up search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the website’s rank in a search engine. One of the SEO techniques is embedding videos within a website. This is because search engines like Google love videos. By having a video embedded on your website, you contribute towards improving your website’s search engine ranking.

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5. Improve audience engagement

Social media is a place where many brands share the content they create. Research shows that video content shared on these platforms get more audience engagement than other forms of content shared. This is mainly because videos help the user better understand the information the brand wants to share.

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6. Improve brand awareness

The use of videos in teaching and learning about a product or brand is a common practice by multiple companies. This helps teach the target audience about the products your brand offers.

Also, statistics show that there is an increased chance that a user will pay attention to the content if it is represented in the form of a video. Thus, your content will get more views. More views mean more brand awareness.


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